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The Blowing Rock Guestbook

Thank you for visiting TheBlowingRock.com. Here's what some visitors to the Blowing Rock have had to say. Thanks again for visiting North Carolina's oldest tourist attraction! Leave your comments by visiting our contact us page.

This place is the most amazing and memorable for me. At the time of my visit, I was in love with the most amazing man. He took me to see this mountain where lovers wrote history. I remember feeling the wind, and feeling so scared. Jim was on top of the mountain with such a smile of love. I on the other hand was scared to death. The next day he proposed to me and I will never forget this amazing mountain with so much history, not only to me, but for the lovers before us. We will be visiting The Blowing Rock with our children. What a story for our future family.
Redland, Florida, USA

I visited Blowing Rock on July 12th and really enjoyed the visit and the wonderful people at the visitor center. It was truly wonderful!
Alice Rouse
Kinston, North Carolina, USA

Thanks so much for the wonderful field trip. It was exciting for the students to see The Blowing Rock after studying NC Legends. The rain did not dampen their enthusiasm or adventurous spirits.
Your hospitality was exceptional.
Mrs. Cole
Patterson, North Carolina, USA

The Blowing Rock was fantastic! I was there last week and will return to see the beauty of the location. Thank you! Plus your help is very friendly and helpful!
Laurie and Christian Johnson
Elyria, Ohio, USA

This area is truly a joy with tremendous beauty. The area is very clean and maintained quite well.
Mark & Wife
Franklin, Tennessee, USA

I am terrified of heights, but the beauty of the area made it mandatory for me to look out from the observation decks...well, all but the biggest / highest one, which I couldn't quite bring myself to go out on! My husband and kids did go out on it, though, and imagine their surprise when they saw a Raven sailing the wind currents UNDER them! Our entire family really enjoyed our day trip to The Blowing Rock, and we'll have lots of great pictures to remember it by! Thank you for all the work you've done to preserve the beauty of the area, and it's peacefullness and serenity.
Pfafftown, NC, USA -

The Blowing Rock is a spiritual place for me. I feel very at ease and happy when I am there. My fiance and I love The Blowing Rock and plan to be married in the vacinity very soon. The Blowing Rock is full of romance and the most beautiful place to be to set your soul at ease.
Punta Gorda, Florida, USA -

We drove to North Carolina for my friends grandfather but happened to stumble across Blowing Rock. Me being a scardy cat when it comes to heights I wasn't thrilled when they said we could walk on a tiny rope bridge. But I did it and I'd do it again. I love the Blowing Rock!!
Texas, USA -

We rode our motorcycles for a 2000 mile round trip this past 10 days and during our journey, someone told us we had to go through this area and MAN are we glad we did! How beautiful it is. Wayne even proposed to me on top of the rock. This will forever be our most memorable place! Thank you Blowing Rock!!!
Patricia Blount / Wayne Seale
Winder, GA USA -

Hi! Just wanted to thank you for all the work you put in this site. It looks great! Thanks!
Jeff Stephens
Orlando, Florida United States -

Looks breathtaking and i am very excited to come and visit yall.
Sarah S
Greenaboro, NC USA -

Wanted to let you know our guests' favorite local attraction is The Blowing Rock!
Butler, TN USA -

This is a beautiful place; you have done a fantastic job of enhancing the beauty and making us feel welcome.
Mrs. Don Bentzen
Venice, FL USA -

A wonderful place to visit where its peaceful and you can enjoy the great views nature has given us. A place to relax, reflect and enjoy the vista no matter the weather.
Voluntown, CT USA -

What a gorgeous spot to stop and view the world!
Harrisonburg, VA USA -

I think this is the grandest place I have ever been. My family and I love coming to The Blowing Rock to enjoy the peace and tranquilty of the mountains.
Lakeview, SC USA -

We enjoyed our visit to this beautiful place and we will return again for a visit in the fall to see the leaves.
Vilas, NC USA -

We send all of our guests who stay at A Bear's Den Cabin to the "real" Blowing Rock!.
Atlanta, GA USA -



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